Cool Videos: Celebrate 40 years of ILM's special effects with this tribute


The evolution of special effects is a fascinating one, and while computer generated imagery reigns over most films these days (often much to its detriment), there's no doubts that a lot of hard-working people have put in a ridiculous amount of their time in order to bring these effects to life. As most of you probably know, George Lucas formed Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in 1975 to create the special effects for his space opera STAR WARS. Since that time, ILM has contributed to over 300 films earning 15 Academy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Effects and 28 Scientific and Technical Achievements from the Academy.

To celebrate their time contributing to cinema, ILM has thrown together a (surprisingly) short tribute video covering some of the movies you may or may not have been familiar with, ranging from the original STAR WARS all the way up to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Here's hoping that artists continue to push the boundaries of film and that effects houses like ILM continue to make the seemingly impossible, real. Happy 40th, ILM!

Source: YouTube



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