Cool Videos: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

I don't watch much of the late night talk show circuit. When I was a teenager I used to watch it all the time. I would start with Letterman then turn the channel to catch Conan. At one point I even watched Tom Snyder that's how into late night chatter I was.

The only time I watch late night now is when someone I like is on, and I really have to be into them. One thing I'm hooked on is "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. There's nothing better than watching these actors and musicians reading some of the hilarious and weird shit that people write about them. There's been five so far including the one below. Each one is funnier than the next. If you haven't seen these, I suggest you go back and visit 1-4.

I've also included Jimmy Kimmel's Christmas prank on John Krasinski.

Extra Tidbit: I will never unsee Chris O'Donnell potato face.



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