Cool Videos: CG Legend of Zelda Movie Pitch

Over the years there's been quite a few video game to movie adaptations. But for all of those, why no love for Legend of Zelda? Well, Nintendo has yet to see anything they like. What would a Zelda movie look like? Would it be live-action or animated? What would be better?

This movie pitch from 2007 might give us an idea.

Imagi Animation Studios (TMNT) put this one together hoping that they could get a CG Zelda movie rolling. Unfortunately it didn't do the trick. While it does look pretty neat, Gannondorf is a little, well, different. Don't expect to hear any voice acting either. This thing is pretty cut and dry. I think I'm more in the camp of those who want to see an animated flick but perhaps a live action version could work. I would just be scared that it would be THE LAST AIRBENDER bad. Sorry to bring up those terrible thoughts but I'm just looking out for the cherish gaming property.

Check it out below and weigh-in with your thoughts.

Source: YouTubeCBM



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