Cool Videos: Check out all of the 2013 Summer Blockbusters in one trailer

With the 2013 Summer blockbusters about to be unleashed starting with IRON MAN 3 next week, it seems a perfect time to pull together all of the anticipated movies we are about to see before several of them let us down immeasurably. The law of averages states that some of these movies are going to suck, but the job of a trailer is to make us think they are going to be awesome.

This trailer from the folks at Movies Dot Com pulls together all of the movies we have been buzzing about for months into one super-trailer. You will see everything from IRON MAN 3 to ELYSIUM to MAN OF STEEL to AFTER EARTH and more. When you think about it, every single year around this point we talk about how this looks like the best summer movie season in years only to reflect in September about how it was a disappointment. I guess we will really have our hands full in 2015, won't we?

For now, check out the great trailer of what we have in store for the next four months.

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Source: YouTube



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