Cool Videos: Check out this epic Rambo-themed bachelor party

The bachelor party used to mean hookers and beer, but then the Internet arrived and bros across the world had to step up their game. With the easily accessibility of video cameras and free YouTube accounts, guys everywhere began the now eternal contest of one-upping each other with complicated and elaborate parties to celebrate their buddies as they leave the single life and become spouses.

I have seen my fair share of videos recreating classic films, but this one takes the cake. When a group of friends wanted to send their buddy off to his wedding in style, they couldn't have done it better. Check out the description from the YouTube page for "RAMBO DAY":

Rambo Day was on July 26, 2014. Dana Saint was getting married in August…so, we all got together to pay tribute to him with an elaborate, surprise bachelor party. It was an amazing day that we’ll never forget…so, we hope you enjoy our attempt to turn Dana into an action hero for a day.

Before you roll your eyes at the twenty plus minute running time for this video, I guarantee you will be blown away by how well these guys recreate RAMBO. I mean, it is impressive to say the least. If anything, these guys created a memory their friend will never forget and at best they just found a business to plan bachelor parties for other people.

Check out RAMBO DAY and I defy you not to be in awe.

Source: YouTube



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