Cool Videos: Check out this kick-ass fan made Fallout movie

I have always been a fan of the FALLOUT video games. The first two PC games were a major cause for lack of dates back in high school. The most recent game, FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, took the story to new heights cinematically and yet the franchise has never made the jump to the big screen. You would think a post-apocalyptic action series would be a natural fit for Hollywood to adapt and yet we have nothing.

Well, now we have a truly kick-ass short film inspired by NEW VEGAS. Titled FALLOUT: LANIUS, this short was filmed in Australia after a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. The results are apparent as the production values are really damn good for a fan film. We have seen shorts like this be the jumping off point for feature film deals and FALLOUT: LANIUS is as deserving as any.

Whether you are a fan of the games or just like quality shorts, this is definitely worth your time. Kudos to the filmmakers of finally realizing a long deserving adaptation.

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Source: YouTube



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