Cool Videos: Chris Evans pranks fans with a Captain America escape room

It's always nice when celebrities use their considerable powers for good, and it's an added bonus when those efforts wind up being fairly entertaining as well. Chris Evans is certainly no stranger to using his Captain America persona to support various charities, and he's recently teamed up with Omaze to raise funds for Christopher's Haven, a nonprofit which provides supportive housing for families whose children are receiving outpatient pediatric cancer treatments in Boston, MA. After taking over Comicazi and transforming it into a secret Captain America themed escape room, Evans spoke through a Captain America doll in order to get unsuspecting customers to assist him in his escape from Hydra. The results are frequently hilarious, particularly the one child who immediately says "no" in response to Captain America asking for his help. Looks like you're screwed, Cap.

If you'd like the chance to have your own escape room experience with Chris Evans, you can enter here. Should you win, you'll be flown out and put up in a four-star hotel along with three of your friends, after which you'll join Evans for a custom escape room adventure and later celebrate with burgers and beers as you gaze longingly at Evans' perfect teeth.

Source: Omaze



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