Cool Videos: Chris Hemsworth plays with action figures on Infinity War set

I don't think it's much of an unpopular opinion to say that Thor isn't most people's favorite Avenger. But that might all change with the release of Taika Waititi's upcoming THOR: RAGNAROK. I think the best thing the film seems to be doing is maximizing star Chris Hemsworth's natural comic timing, as while Hollywood has been trying (unsuccessfully) to make him an action star, Hemsworth seems to flourish in comedic roles. See, for instance, the shorts Waititi shot with him as Thor living in a flat with a roommate.

Anyway, there's a video Hemsworth posted on Instagram that shows off more of his comedic chops, as well as brandishing Mjornir once more. Let's take a look:

Meanwhile, you can next see Hemsworth as The Mighty Thor in THOR: RAGNAROK November 3rd, 2017 and then in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR May 4th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Thor will ever turn into a frog in the films proper.
Source: YouTube



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