Cool Videos: Conan premieres a boring clip from Star Trek Into Darkness and the first Star Trek gets an Honest Trailer

Less than a week to go until the entire world gets to see STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! Sure, the movie is already premiering in a lot of places this week with potential spoilers flying all over the place, but for now let us focus on the humor before all of our jaws hit the floor on May 16th. Here are two funny videos spoofing both the 2009 reboot and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

First up is an Honest Trailer for STAR TREK that shows us all of the foibles and lens flares that filled J.J. Abrams reintroduction of STAR TREK to the world. After that we get a brand new clip from the movie courtesy of Conan O'Brien's talk show that really shows how dry Benedict Cumberbatch can be. I mean, he is British, after all.

No matter what happens, I am looking forward to seeing if STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS matches the cool factor of the reboot. Hopefully we all finally learn who John Harrison is and put the argument to rest.

Source: YouTubeTeam CoCo



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