Cool Videos: Concept trailer for monster movie Mulberry Woods is a whole lot of fun

Y'know, it's always cool to see what folks are doing in the low-budget realm as they cut their teeth on passion projects that aren't tied to a major studio or outlet. All filmmakers start somewhere, usually in their own backyards, and as technology progresses the opportunities to create some really cool films seem endless. Eric Demeusy, who has a strong background in 3D animation, having worked on title sequences for films like PACIFIC RIM, Game of Thrones, and TRON: LEGACY, has put together a concept trailer for his first feature, MULBERRY WOODS, and it looks like a whole lot of cheesy good fun. With the feel of an old Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson horror/comedy flick, this trailer is riddled with potential. Sure, it's not perfect, but while watching I couldn't help but think how fun it could be and it made me happy to see folks still cranking away on their filmmaking dreams. Call me sentimental, call me crazy, but this has a lot of potential.

Take a look:

Source: Eric Demeusy



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