Cool Videos: Cool cosplay music video from Comic Con 2013!

There's been A LOT of coverage of Comic Con this year and rightly so, as it is absolutely one of the coolest and geekiest "get togethers" ever, bringing out fans from all over the world, many of which rock some really outstanding costumes. As it was my first year there, I was overwhelmed by all the awesome that people brought to the event and it was really cool to see so many enthusiastic people representing their favorite comic book, movie, anime, book, and video game characters with such spirit and ingenuity. This music video cut of some of the especially creative costumes captures the fun and energy of the Con and is a fine homage to the event itself, featuring people dressed in all genres/characters, from Halo, Scarlet Witch, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Star Trek, Cable, Spaceballs, Power Rangers, Wolverine, and of course Boba Fett Wolverine (only at Comic Con!).


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Extra Tidbit: Which one is your favorite? I'm quite fond of the "sexy" Leia. Just lovely.
Source: sneakyzebra



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