Cool Videos: Cool superhero short The Flying Man is like a vigilante superman!

We get a lot of cool video submissions of short films and the like and it can be a daunting task getting through them. Some days there just isn't time with the onslaught of stuff rolling in. Today, this one caught my eye and it's a cool spin on the "flying superhero" called THE FLYING MAN, which takes a mysterious individual with the gift of flight and turns him into a vigilante, using his powers of flight to wreak havoc on the criminals of his city. With all the hype over Superman killing Zod in MAN OF STEEL, this is kind of perfectly timed. The flying footage is terrific and reminded me of the flight sequences in CHRONICLE, which were also superb. It's a cool little short and something that I think could do very well in an expanded feature. The short is directed by Marcus Alqueres who shows some great skill in its execution.

Take flight!:

The Flying Man from Marcus Alqueres on Vimeo.

For more info on THE FLYING MAN, check out the website here!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Would you pay to see a feature length version of The Flying Man?
Source: Marcus Alqueres



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