Cool Videos: David Fincher's latest directing gig is this Calvin Klein ad starring Rooney Mara

While David Fincher slowly develops his next film project (could it be 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA? THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE? ALF: THE MOVIE?), we are left to fend for whatever creative scraps the master filmmaker leaves us. I enjoyed the hell out of HOUSE OF CARDS, but Fincher only directed two episodes. I need more, dammit!

Well, I guess I should have treasured those two hours because instead we get 60 seconds of new Fincher in this ad for Calvin Klein's new perfume. The ad stars THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO herself, Rooney Mara, and seems to be a fictionalized take on Mara's post-DRAGON TATTOO journey through her new-found celebrity. Entirely in black and white, this commercial is crisp and gorgeous and shows how great Fincher's eye for composition is even in short form film-making.

Mara's goth look from DRAGON TATTOO carries over into this ad which made me wonder at first if it was actually filmed a couple of years ago. The slow motion and lyrical quality of the ad, titled Downtown, reminds me of the recent films of Lars Von Trier rather than Fincher, but it is still an intriguing snippet to keep us satiated until the next full length offering from the director.

Source: Cinema Blend



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