Cool Videos: David Lynch's new music video will freak you out

David Lynch is not a filmmaker for everyone. In fact, he is not a filmmaker for most people. He is an acquired taste. That is if you like the taste of decomposing ears that have been beaten by midgets dressed like ponies. Yeah, he is that weird.

But he is also a brilliant filmmaker. David Lynch has run the gamut of genres and never backs away from maintaining his warped sense of the world. For that, he must be respected, even if you cannot stand his movies.

Recently, when not guest starring on Seth MacFarlane's THE CLEVELAND SHOW, Lynch has been putting his focus on a musical art project called Crazy Clown Time. I have been listening to the album for a few months now and some tracks are much easier on the ears than others. Some of it actually sounds like what normal people would call music while the rest fits under the large umbrella genre known as experimental.

Debuting today on YouTube, we now have a music video for the title track from the album. Lynch himself directed the video and you can imagine the imagery is just as warped as the soundtrack.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Lynch: THE ELEPHANT MAN, ERASERHEAD, and INLAND EMPIRE. What is yours?
Source: YouTube



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