Cool Videos: Deleted John Wick 2 scene with more Ian McShane!

I'll admit I wasn't the biggest fan of JOHN WICK when it first came out (and I still have my qualms). While the action was good and stylish (and even better, unique in how quick and sufficient his kills were), it didn't gel with me. I think the main problem was that for how much the other characters hyped him up, Wick kept getting captured and needing to be rescued (which sort of ran contrary to the whole "the boogeyman gets nightmares about Wick" mystique). It was the "tell-don't-show" plotting that plagues latter-day Seagal films.

HAVING SAID THAT, I fucking LOVED JOHN WICK 2. I think because the character is much more capable (as befitting the aforementioned hype), and the action is more varied. It also delved more into the idiosyncratic hitman universe that was only hinted at the fringes of the first film. This includes more time devoted to Ian McShane as the powerful and mysterious Winston.

But apparently there was even more of McShane in the sequel, and the powers that be for reason denied us that pleasure. Well, Birth.Movies.Death got an exclusive deleted clip that focuses on more Winston, which you can now watch below. Enjoy:

Meanwhile JOHN WICK 2 is already available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes, but will come to DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow.

Extra Tidbit: The best scene in my opinion was his fight with Ruby Rose at the end.
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