Cool Videos: Don't ever confuse Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne

If you can think of two badder motherf*ckers than Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L. Jackson, I would be surprised. Both are damn good actors who can deliver drama, comedy, and appear in superhero movies. Both men have recognizable voices that make them in demand for not only animated films, but also commercials. Still, if you saw either one of them, I am sure you would know who was who.

Well, apparently the entertainment reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles couldn't tell them apart. Remember that Super Bowl commercial with Laurence Fishburne reprising his MATRIX role of Morpheus? During a recent interview, the KTLA entertainment reports decided to ask Samuel L. Jackson if the commercial had played well with his fans. Jackson went on to eviscerate the reporter. Each time the guy apologized and tried to redirect, Jackson just kept on him.

Now, I doubt the reporter was trying to be racist, but Jackson certainly had fun pretending to be bothered by it. The poor guy never stood a chance against Nick Fury.

ROBOCOP opens this Friday.

Source: YouTube



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