Cool Videos: Even the Honest Trailers guys can't mock the awful After Earth

Ah, AFTER EARTH. What a pile of dog crap. Usually, Will Smith and Jaden Smith. The sheer difficulty that they encounter when reviewing the film goes to show what an accomplishment this movie is.

I spent the requisite hours to watch AFTER EARTH and even I could not find any redeeming qualities to it. Shyamalan's THE HAPPENNING and LADY IN THE WATER, hell even THE LAST AIRBENDER, all had at least one or two cool moments. AFTER EARTH is devoid of absolutely any quality. So, maybe it isn't fair to mock something this bad, but the way the narrator ends this clip makes it all worth it.

I am not sure exactly how Shyamalan will recover from AFTER EARTH or even if Will Smith can do it, despite Smith having a lot more positives in his past than negatives. Here's hoping that this is a blip on his career radar. There is always BAD BOYS 3.

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