Cool Videos: Every f*cking utterance of f*ck in The Wolf of F*cking Wall Street

If you notice anything when you watch THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, you will notice the profanity. Everything in Martin Scorsese's latest film is given to excess, including the amount of swearing. Holding the record for a non-documentary film, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET comes in with a total of 522 utterances of the word f*ck, far exceeding CASINO or GOODFELLAS. With that in mind, despite still being in theaters, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET has been found in not so legal file sharing communities which has allowed for this supercut.

Compiling every f*ck in a movie is a painstaking and time consuming editing process that also provides a fun and foul-mouthed diversion. Watching this video brought back reminders to a lot of the crazy moments in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. But, a movie like this cannot be boiled down to a single, repeated word. Scorsese's film is a lot more than that, but this is a good entry point for the tone of the film.

So, without further f*cking adieu, I give you THE WOLF OF WALL STREET in all of it's f*cking glory.

Source: YouTube



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