Cool Videos: Every single Woody Allen stammer in just under 45 minutes!

Woody Allen is perhaps more known for things aside from the movies he has made, namely his controversial divorce from Mia Farrow and his physical appearance. I would venture that the moment someone says the name Woody Allen that the first thing you imagine is the glasses, the nose, and the schlumpy appearance. Secondly is likely his nasally voice that is forever associated with the stereotypical New York Jew. Growing up, as soon as someone heard I was Jewish, they launched into a Woody Allen impression despite the fact that I looked nor sounded anything like the director.

But, even if it is a stereotype, it is who Woody Allen is. And, his stammering, dorky presence has been a staple of every film he has made, whether he is the star or not. Pop any of his movies into your DVD player and you will likely see and hear Woody stuttering his way through an uncomfortable moment. It happens so often that the folks over at Huffington Post have been able to assemble a video of every single moment of Woody stumbling over himself. It adds up to just under 45 minutes. So, if you have about an hour to kill, check out this video. it is quite, um, well, uh, you know, it is, just that, kind of, well, so, it is, you see, well, um, so, just, yeah, check it out.

Source: YouTube



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