Cool Videos: Everything wrong with Prometheus in under 4 minutes

Here we are back again with a new CinemaSins video showing us everything wrong with the latest blockbusters. This time the victim is Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS. Now, I liked PROMETHEUS quite a bit but I am still able to recognize the plot inconsistencies and issues with the film while still enjoying it overall. Plus, these CinemaSins clips are not meant to be taken at face value. Just take a step back and laugh along with it.

Still there? If you are, it is either because you are scrolling down to post a talkback. On your way, let me ask you a quick question: was PROMETHEUS really that bad of a movie? So far, none of the CinemaSins spoofs have been for bad movies but they do illustrate that you can make fun of a film without being a troll.

I am definitely hoping for a sequel to PROMETHEUS that will be as good or better than the first movie. I think Ridley Scott proved there is still an interest in this type of film and I hope he stays as director or at least producer for the promised follow-up.

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Extra Tidbit: What movie should these guys cover next?
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