Cool Videos Exclusive: Top Ten Horror Movie Masks

To all you youngins out there getting dressed up as your Ken Bones, your Justin Biebers and your general corner prostitutes for Halloween I say this: You’re doing it wrong! Halloween is a time for scaring children, making friends at a party uncomfortable with over-the-top costumes, and chasing people through park tunnels. When did we lose our way? Well we here at Joblo remember the good ol’ days, and the movies that made them that way. Horror movies used to be the go-to source for great Halloween costume ideas, thanks to their iconic villains with equally iconic masks. Though some modern horror films are doing it right (HUSH, THE PURGE) let’s not forget the villains of the 80’s, like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, still reign supreme. These are the masks that terrified an era, and to this day haunt our dreams with either their grotesque manner or expression-less features. Watch and learn what true terror is, for these are the greatest horror movie masks of all time. And pull up your damn pants!

Source: Joblo



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