Cool Videos: Fan made Dark Knight Rises trailer

Any time there's a hotly anticipated new release out there, YouTube seems to be flooded with a tidal wave of shitty fan made trailers for it. They're usually poorly spliced together edits of past films and just want to rack up as many views as they can through trickery.

This DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer is not one of those. It's a well-edited production from a fan, YouTuber solyentbrak, who doesn't claim it be anything remotely real, but it is rather cool to watch while we wait for a real teaser from the studio.

It has clips of the previous two Batman films, along with shots from INCEPTION and BRONSON to feature the cast members of JGL, Cotillard and Hardy. There are a ton of other films spliced in as well, and if you intrepid movie fans can name them all, I'll give you +50 internet points. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: I still think Anne Hathaway seems kind of out of place in this world, but I have faith.
Source: YouTube



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