Cool Videos: Fan made Spawn short is a stylistic delight

In the wake of the infamous Deadpool short and that pretty nifty Punisher short that hit a while back featuring Thomas Jane, it seems that fan-made efforts are gaining more traction than ever. Talk of a SPAWN sequel/reboot has been going on almost since the film's release back in 1997. We may not be any closer, but a writer/director by the name of Michael Paris took it upon himself to deliver a short film that absolutely embodies the look and tone of what 'SPAWN done right' would deliver.

I've always envisioned the perfect Spawn film as a drama with horror elements, punctuated by moments of action. The New Line effort obviously went for action first and foremost, but the animated series that premiered on HBO back in the day really did a hell of a job for its time (Blu-ray please)! What I love about this fan-made endeavor is that despite it's shortcomings, you can sense that a real effort was put forth. Maybe this will light a fire under someone's ass to give us a SPAWN film fans deserve.

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Source: Michael Paris



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