Cool Videos: Fan-made Wonder Woman trailer shows the character's onscreen potential

Another fan-made Wonder Woman trailer has surfaced (here's the first), not only pitting the Amazon warrior against a bunch of men with guns, but also a giant about to attack her homeland. It's a very well made trailer/sizzle reel that shows the potential of a bigscreen Wonder Woman film, which fans (and filmmakers) have been dying to see for years. With the upcoming BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN coming in 2015 there have been rumors that Diana/Wonder Woman will make her first official appearance in the next entry in the DCU line of films, although no official word has been released.

With no DC-themed films seemingly planned for 2014, one has to wonder if the plan is to set up the Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, which would open the doors for both the invididual character of Wonder Woman and the collective JUSTICE LEAGUE. Whether it happens or not, it's fan films like this one that will continue to breathe down the neck of Warner Bros. and DC for as long as they hold out on bringing this bad ass chick to the big screen.


BATMAN VS SUPERMAN hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Now that we know who is playing both Batman and Superman, who do you think would be the right actress to portray WW alongside Cavill and Affleck?
Source: Rainfall Films



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