Cool Videos: Fan trailer imagines Batman and Robin if done by Tim Burton

In many ways we should be thankful to Joel Schumacher for BATMAN AND ROBIN. The late-90’s opus put a nail in the Bat’s coffin until Christopher Nolan decided to bring him back from the dead. Who knows how much sillier the movies would’ve gotten had it succeeded? It’s hard to picture that kind of hell. The movie has its ironic fans, but the movie is truly terrible, and many fans have wondered what the 90’s movies would’ve been like had Tim Burton stayed on to direct them. Well YouTuber Sam Ibrahim has the answer for you in a fan-made trailer for B&R, which also reimagines Michael C. Hall as Mr. Freeze, leaving Arnold Schwarzenegger in the cold (high-fiving a million angels!). Ibrahim spoke with THR saying:

I just imagine his tone of voice from Dexter saying some of Freeze's lines and it made so much sense to me. Ultimately I wanted to prove George Clooney was a good Batman, and like Ben Affleck doing Daredevil, it wasn't his fault. The acting was great, it was the other elements.

Do you agree? Do you agree!? Oh, you should probably watch the video first.

Source: YouTubeTHR



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