Cool Videos: Fanboys, get a life!

In the wake of the "Turtle-gate" debacle of 2012, a line has been drawn. That line is between fanboys and normal folk. Normals don't quite understand why it is so upsetting that Michael Bay would change the origin story of a beloved comic book/cartoon series. Fanboys cannot fathom why normals think that it is okay that the man that brought us TRANSFORMERS would rape their childhoods.

There is definitely a happy medium between die hard fanboys and normal people. But while those two groups duke it out on the internet, comedians like Jimmy Kimmel are having a field day. Check out this video from Kimmel's late night talk show advertising a fake drug aimed specifically at the fanboy culture.

I personally don't have an issue with the revamped origin story. It runs along the same lines as when people were up in arms about JJ Abrams STAR TREK reboot. Quite a lot of people liked it and others hated every single aspect of it. You cannot please everyone when you make a movie, especially from an established property.

The only thing that we can hope for is that the TMNT reboot is a decent movie that does not feature Vanilla Ice. Until then, I am going to get Alife.

Extra Tidbit: The fully CGI TMNT film was actually pretty good. It even had Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Patrick Stewart, Zhang Ziyi, and Laurence Fishburne!



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