Cool Videos: Feel the beat with The Wolf of Wall Street chest thump remix

While THE WOLF OF WALL STREET was shut out at the Academy Awards, those who enjoyed the movie will continue to sing it's praises for a long time to come. Whether that be the over the top profanity, the great turn by Jonah Hill, or Leonardo DiCaprio's performance, there are a lot of great moments from the movie. One moment from the film that has gone beyond just being another cameo is Matthew McConaughey's chest thump from the beginning of the film.

The newly minted Best Actor winner explained that the chest thump was something he does in real life to prepare for shooting his scenes and was incorporated by request from DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. But, the chest thump itself has taken on a life of it's own. This electronic remix takes the beat from McConaughey's thump and sets it into musical motion. The results are surprisingly catchy.

While this is more of a novelty than something you will add to your regular playlist, it is definitely catchy enough to be worthy of a listen or two.

Source: YouTube



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