Cool Videos: George Lucas discusses the original idea that became Star Wars

StarWars.com has been revealing rare glimpses into the marketing and behind the scenes of the original STAR WARS movies. Their latest treat is a brief interview with George Lucas as he discusses the original ideas that developed into the STAR WARS saga.

Fans of the series are aware of the original drafts of STAR WARS featuring very different versions of the iconic characters we have come to know and love. Skywalker used to be Starkiller, Anakin was not the same as Darth Vader, and many other differences. But, while that may have been a draft of the story, this video goes even further back to the single idea that Lucas had at the very beginning.

The idea of a story about fathers and twin children is a basic concept that you might think is an oversimplification of what STAR WARS is, but at the core of every story is a plot element that develops into much more. So, the next time you try to explain STAR WARS to a novice, remember how George Lucas explains it here.

Source: YouTube



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