Cool Videos: Girl thinks she missed Deadpool post-surgery; Reynolds responds

Pretty much everyone knows the experience of getting your wisdom teeth taken out and the drug-fueled confusion that comes with it, post-surgery. In the case of Mariah Boyle, she genuinely thought that she had missed the DEADPOOL flick. Adorable? Sad? All of the above, and what happened after the fact was even more impressive! But first, the video in question:

Mariah Boyle after getting her wisdom teeth out. #ryanreynolds #deadpool

Posted by Rita MillerBoyle on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Now doesn't that just break your heart? It gets better! Once this video was posted to Ryan Reynolds' Facebook page, he responded with a message of his own! Check it out!

Mariah Boyle, am I the only one who thinks the tooth fairy is a giant fucking stalker? I mean seriously, who leaves two tickets to the Deadpool premiere under your pillow? And by the way, Rita, your breakfast casserole looks divine! Please bring some to New York.

Now how f*cking cool is that? There's no question that Reynolds was born to play the Merc with the Mouth, but he truly seems like a stand-up guy to boot. Word on the street is that DEADPOOL is going to please all of the fans, so stay tuned to JoBlo.com for further coverage and our review!

DEADPOOL opens on February 12th!

Source: Facebook



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