Cool Videos: Got 7 hours to kill? Here is an incredible fan documentary on the entire Star Wars original trilogy

Catch this one while you can, because I highly doubt that the mighty Disney will let something like this remain online very long. But, if you want to call in sick from work and spend the day learning a ton of information about the original STAR WARS trilogy, this is an incredibly detailed journey into what it took to make George Lucas' films happen.

IndieWire posted this video which combines three fan made STAR WARS documentaries into one epic video. I scanned through this at various points and everything I saw was unique and news to me, and I have read and watched a lot about STAR WARS. Using behind the scenes footage, interviews with crew members, and sound bites from other sources, this is one of the most inclusive documentaries I have ever seen. Nothing is really new here, though, as you can see the sounds are all sourced to prior interviews, but seeing them all in one place is pretty cool.

The documentaries included here are STAR WARS BEGINS, STAR WARS: BUILDING EMPIRE, and STAR WARS: RETURNING TO JEDI. Kick back and enjoy these while you can!

Source: IndieWire



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