Cool Videos: Helljumpers - A live-action Halo fan film

No breaking news to report at the moment, so time for another look at an amateur filmmaker in an installment of Cool Videos. Dan Wang is a big Halo fan, and has grown tired of waiting for Hollywood to get its shit together and make a movie.

He took it upon himself to make his own film, the trailer for which you can see below. It's called Halo: Helljumpers and follows a USNC recruit who becomes an ODST. You'll know what both of those things mean if you're a Halo fan.

I've really noticed a dramatic increase in the quality of fan films in the last few years. The effects here aren't $200M blockbuster, but they're pretty damn good, and this whole thing is very well put together. See for yourself below:

Extra Tidbit: It's going to be tough for a real Halo movie to work if they really have to keep Master Chief in his suit the whole time.
Source: Helljumper



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