Cool Videos: Here is a nice 2 minute continuous shot zombie mall massacre to close out Halloween week

DAWN OF THE DEAD (both versions) is a movie that instantly makes you think of shopping malls overrun with the undead. The Romero version is a classic metaphor for American consumerism while the remake is a balls out fast-zombie action flick.

Whether you prefer your walkers slow or fast, nothing can really compete with a large, enclosed space for zombie killing mayhem. That being said, here is an awesome video made Devin Graham that captures the guerilla violence of fighting the living dead. As an added bonus cool factor, the entire video is one continuous shot! Film innovation and zombie mayhem? Count me in!

Per Graham,"This video was made possible by my friends in the UK at WISH! To find out more on these zombie adventures check out the links below, honestly one of the scariest things I've ever done!!!! haha. The Zombie one-shot video was done on a Canon 5D Mark III. To get the smooth "flying shots", I filmed those with a Glidecam 4000 HD."

Nice work Devin! Click here to learn about Wish UK, the group Devin mentioned.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite zombie movie?
Source: YouTube



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