Cool Videos: Honest trailers goes into The Matrix!

The crew at Screen Junkies have released their latest Honest Trailer, this time for the 1999 classic THE MATRIX and it's less-than-classic sequels, THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. What I dig about Honest Trailers is that they're mostly just that, with a variance in opinion of course. You can't deny the awesomeness that is the first THE MATRIX, which was revolutionary for its time and set a standard that's still copied today in terms of stylized action. It's one of those movies you can pop in any time and still get sucked in (natch). I'll never forget seeing the sequels and being massively let down, though, as they were so distracting in their ambition. They really lost sight of what made the original so great and went down a rabbit hole of convolution and downright nonsense that I kind of gave up. Thankfully, this new honest trailer lets me know I wasn't the only one that felt that way.

Take the blue pill...or the red one:

Source: Screen Junkies



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