Cool Videos: Honest Trailers tackles the comic book classic Batman & Robin!

I'll never forget seeing BATMAN & ROBIN in the theater. It was truly one of the worst movie-going experiences I've ever had. Like a sick prank, I sat and watched this once dark, cool franchise disintegrate before my eyes and walked out of the theater with a raging headache. It felt like I'd just been detained and tortured for two hours and that's not being dramatic. That's how I honestly felt. Driving home, I immediately thought, "Well, there definitely won't be another one after that." Thank God for Christopher Nolan, eh?

With that, this Honest Trailer from the guys at Screen Junkies is a fitting "tribute" to the abysmal film that has turned into one of the best unintentional comedies ever made. It's great that we can laugh about this now, seeing as THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy has easily made up for the sinful stain that is BATMAN & ROBIN. Imagine the depression you'd feel if this was still the last Batman film made, though. Ouch.

Bat Bewbs!:

Extra Tidbit: Joel Schumacher takes a lot of shit for this, but he's still got a few good films on his resume, including Falling Down, A Time To Kill, and Flatliners.
Source: Screen Junkies



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