Cool Videos: Idris Elba invites single ladies to pound his yams for charity

Valentine’s Day is a fickle holiday to be certain. For some, it’s a day for reveling in one’s good fortune regarding the game of love. Hell, you might even celebrate by breaking out the rope cuffs and mocha java flavored lube. For others, February 14th is a day for scorn, the purging of painful reminders, and flipping off anyone who dares to enjoy the flower-scented, chocolate-covered Hallmark holiday.

Thankfully, the English adonis, Idris Elba, has invited members of the lonely hearts club to participate in a charity fund-raising event that will award one pair of lucky ladies with an enchanted evening hosted by the famed actor. Presented by the California-based internet company, Omaze, the winners will be flown to an undisclosed (and totally romantic) location, where Elba will be waiting to escort the winners to “a meal at his favorite restaurant”.

Oh wow. That sounds amazing! Though perhaps you’re wondering what else is involved? Here, I’ll let Idris himself tantalize you with some more details:

We’ll get things started off with cocktails or perhaps champagne. And once we’re feeling comfortable, we can order whatever your heart desires: Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak, pepper soup, and fufu. That’s an African dish,” he seductively explains in the promo video. “And for dessert, you can have whatever you want. And I mean, whatever you want.

Money raised by the fund-raiser will go to benefit W.E. Can Lead - a foundation which strives to help young women in Sierra Leone achieve access to better educational facilities.

You can read the official details here. And hey, the contest does appear to exclude straight males from entering for a chance to win - but that shouldn’t stop them from telling their single lady friends about this unique opportunity. Hell, I’m a happily married man and I would still like to spend an enchanted evening with Idris. No funny business, of course. However, I wouldn’t mind if after a few hours of rousing conversation that Luther himself read me a bedtime story. I’m just sayin’.

Extra Tidbit: Valentine's Day began as a way of celebrating the Christian saint, Valentinius.
Source: omaze.com



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