Cool Videos: If Rocky IV Really Happened


Not too long ago, we got a look at a faux-ESPN: 30 FOR 30 special that dealt with the special season of the old California Angels as depicted in the Disney motion picture ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD and the aftermath. Well, the folks over at College Humor are back at it again, this time taking a good look at the events of ROCKY IV as if they were real.

Now some of you might be asking yourself, "Wasn't it?" And I'll refrain from answering in order to maintain the magic for you, but, for the rest of us, some lingering questions have always bounced around our collective minds each time we've seen the film. Would Apollo Creed's fate been different had his pre-fight performance been different before stepping into the ring with Ivan Drago? Why do the Soviets change who they're cheering for right in the middle of the big Balboa-Drago bout? And what impact did Rocky have on the Cold War, given the reaction to the fight? Lucky for us, all these questions have now been put under the microscope and we may have a better understanding of them moving forward.

You can see Rocky Balboa once again re-enter the world of boxing in CREED, which hits theaters on November 25.

Source: College Humor



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