COOL VIDEOS: Jersey Shore Shark Attack

Just when you thought it was safe...to go back to the ScFy Channel, the JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK invades the...shore.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a while, but I had a grin from ear-to-ear the whole time watching it, so there's that. ScFy has really embraced their ridiculous productions and they're actually really watchable in a MST3K kind of way. I've never watched one of these clumsy efforts all the way through, but I've definitely caught them in passing and had a few laughs.

However, seeing carbon copies of the Jersey Shore cast being eaten by shitty CGI sharks could be a hell of a way to spend an afternoon.  Plus you have veteran actors Paul Sorvino, Jack Scalia, William Atherton, and...Joey Fatone? 

Okay, there IS a wet t-shirt contest...

Snooki want smush-mush:

And a little JWOWW to make you lust after fake-named chicks:

Extra Tidbit: When can we get a Kardashian themed monster movie, ScFy? Besides the Kim Kardashian sex tape, I mean...
Source: ScFy



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