Cool Videos: Jimmy Fallon's epic Breaking Bad parody has to be seen to be believed

Assume that you will see a lot of BREAKING BAD videos between now and the quickly arriving series finale in a few weeks. But, regardless of what other videos may be out there, I doubt any will be quite as epic as this parody from LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON.

Fallon's parody is titled JOKING BAD and features Fallon resorting to selling jokes through illegal means. The video is full of cameos from the world of comedy and the world of BREAKING BAD. Fallon's impersonation of Bryan Cranston is pretty damn impressive. Certain scenes, including a particular patriotic setting, are actual BREAKING BAD sets which adds to just how great this video is. Clocking in at over 10 minutes, settle back and enjoy the entire video and see how many BREAKING BAD references that you can name.

BREAKING BAD has always had a great sense of humor and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have had what looks like great fun on and off set. I hope the BETTER CALL SAUL spin-off continues the great quality. Maybe Fallon can guest star on that series.

Source: YouTube



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