Cool Videos: JoBlo's exclusive Comic-Con cosplay music video!

So San Diego Comic-Con may be ending, but the memories last forever (unless you were wasted)! One of the most fun things about any con - besides the celebrity panels, signings, artwork, and swag - is of course, cosplaying. It's the one of the few times where you get to dress up like Deadpool or Poison Ivy and not have people stare at you like you're weird, or fire you for being "unprofessional" (or more likely that Janice from HR was mad that I could fill out the Poison Ivy costume better than she could!) Now, that's true of any con, but especially at San Diego Comic-Con, where the nerds get to go all out!

Anyway, JoBlo was there to witness some of these crafty and ingenious nerds as they let their freak flag fly. Not only that, but we've also created a nice music video in tribute to these awesome people. Hell, maybe some of them were wasted and this will be a nice refresher! Anyway take a look below:

So did any of you Schmoes cosplay at Comic-Con? And if so, as what? Share below!

Extra Tidbit: I once cosplayed as The Crow because I'm lazy and cheap.
Source: YouTube



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