Cool Videos: Mad Max chase recreated with go-carts and paintball guns

I'd have to say that the success of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD has been one of the best surprises of the year; I wanted to love it and I wanted it to do well and damn if it didn't do both. While we patiently await the release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD on Blu-ray, as well as a sequel, there's still one more piece of Mad Max media to look forward to; the Mad Max video-game brought to us by WB Games and Avalanche Studios.

The following video is a rather slick bit of viral marketing for the Mad Max game by devinsupertramp and involves go-carts, paintball guns, and a huge amount of fun.

Can this please be a real thing? If there are any enterprising paintballers out there who set up a Mad Max experience, let us know. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on September 1, 2015, as will the Mad Max game. Obviously I'm going to be quite busy in two weeks time, so I'd better start mentioning the "tickle in the back of my throat" soon. Shhh, don't tell Paul.

Source: Youtube



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