COOL VIDEOS: Michael Madsen has something to say about texting at the movies

Texters beware!  Michael Madsen has a very stern message for those who think it's a-okay to text during a movie and it involves some of the more cringe-worthy actions of his character from RESERVOIR DOGS, Mr. Blonde. 

The PSA was created by the Alamo Drafthouse theater and I would absolutely love it if it trickled down to every theater in the world.  Also, I think whippings in the lobby of the theater for those caught would be good, too.  Possibly better than the trailers even.

We've all suffered the ADHD of theatergoers who simply can't go two hours without texting or checking Facebook and for the dedicated movie fan it is pure sacrilege.  I mean, seriously...two hours is too much?  It was even brought up recently that perhaps we should start allowing texting in theaters and just accept that the youth of the world are a bunch of assholes. 

F*ck that.  Mr. Blonde?  Take it away:

Extra Tidbit: My vote for the next President will go to the guy who publicly denounces texting in theaters and moves to have it put into law. No, seriously. Oh, and don't forget to give me your caption for the text that Mr. Nash is sending in that pic. Here's mine: "FML. This dude just cut my ear off. Uh, send back up? Here's a pic"



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