Cool Videos: Morgan Freeman falls asleep mid-interview like a boss

This video has been making the rounds since yesterday and I thought it would be worth sharing if only because Morgan Freeman is one of the coolest actors of all time. It appears that during an interview for their upcoming film NOW YOU SEE ME, Morgan Freeman was listening to costar Michael Caine explain about his knowledge of magic which was just boring enough to lull Mr. Freeman to sleep. The resulting video will now enter the annals of internet meme history.

The phrase "I'm too old for this shit" does not apply to Morgan Freeman. While he can still act circles around people fifty years his junior, the guy is still a 75 year old man. Even the most physically fit septuagenarian still needs some rest and those press junkets can be brutal. But, even as tired as he gets, who the hell else could get away with falling asleep on live television aside from Morgan Freeman?

NOW YOU SEE ME opens May 31, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Michael Caine may be a lot of things, but I never thought he was boring.
Source: Vulture



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