Cool Videos: Movie titles quoted in the movies themselves

You've probably noticed a few instances where in a movie, they repeat the title. A lot of the time you kind of have to, as the movie is named after something central to the plot like INCEPTION or AVATAR, but other times? It's a little more awkward of a fit. I specifically remember a lot of James Bond movies ham-handedly shoving that in there. Who says "Live and let die" in casual conversation?

But one brave moviegoer decided to take a long ass time going through eighty different movies to compile a ton of instances of this into one short 2 minute YouTube video. They go so fast it's almost hard to keep track sometime, but I think it's a pretty interesting project.

Check out the mashup below, and if there were any significant ones you think he missed, post them in the comments in case he makes a follow-up.

Extra Tidbit: I now need to see MYSTERY TEAM with Community's Donald Glover.
Source: Honsco



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