Cool Videos: New web series Reel Physics puts action movies to the test!

Much like the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, the new web series Reel Physics attempts to examine the realities of some of Hollywood's most complex and often unbelievable action scenes.  The two hosts will watch a particular sequence and then get down to the brain-numbing exercise of doing, you guessed it; math.  My most hated enemy is brought in to look at the real-world physics to see if the action scene in question adds up, making it either real physics or "reel" physics.  We've all seen some absolutely ridiculous sequences that, in our minds, could never happen and are pure Hollywood "magic," but the results from Reel Physics may surprise you.

So far the gang has covered movies like THE A-TEAM, THE AVENGERS, FAST FIVE, THE DARK KNIGHT, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, THE ROCK, and AMC's The Walking Dead.  However, I'm sharing one that I think will be of particular interest as it's been often labeled as the most unbelievable sequences in modern memory; the nuke/fridge escape from INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. 


You can check out the other Reel Physics episodes here.

Extra Tidbit: What sequence would you like to see these guys cover?
Source: The Escapist



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