Cool Videos: Nude Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock square off in the shower

Having just wrapped filming on both Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY and Paul Fieg's THE HEAT, Sandra Bullock took a little time to visit the Chelsea Handler late night show, Chelsea Lately, but did so without her clothes.  In a rather humorous, silly, and, well, titillating opening, the two comedic females have a bit of "tit-for-tat" (yes, pun intended), while inside an open shower bay. 

I mean, I could think of worse things to watch, although I'm sure some have a harsher opinion on either of them.  But, it's a fun bit and even though the happy bits are fuzzed out, it's still tantallizing enough.  The clip below features the entire show, which you can always stick around and watch as it does have the lovely Jennifer Aniston stop by for a visit. 

Don't drop the soap.  Or do.  Your choice:

Sandra Bullock will next be seen in GRAVITY, opening something in 2013 and THE HEAT with Melissa McCarthy (below), opening on April 5, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What do you like better: dramatic Sandra Bullock or comedic Sandra Bullock? I think she's best when she's funny, personally. And with binding clothes.



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