Cool Videos: Paranormal Activity scares the shit out of innocent home buyers


One of the biggest knocks I hear from people in regards to the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series is that the film's aren't scary. Watching a door creak, a chandelier jiggle or any number of subtle things that a spirit might do in someone's home doesn't quite do it for them. They'll usually proceed to tell me how it's no big deal and, if they encountered such activity in their house, they'd kick the ghost's ass or something nonsensical.

However, I have always begged to differ, believing full well that if they were ever out into the situations that these families throughout the series have encountered, not only would they be terrified, they might go so far as to shit their pants without question. 

A new video to help promote the finale of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise - THE GHOST DIMENSION - sides with my perspective, as they took some poor unsuspecting home buyers and took them on an open house visit to what happens to be the home of Katie and Micah in the first film. Of course, they don't know that, so, as things start to happen, they don't see it as a prank with ghostly effects. They see it as a terrifying experience and... well, I'll let you see what would probably happen to you if you encountered the supernatural in your life.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION caps off the scares in the series on October 23.



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