Cool Videos: Patton Oswalt argues for a crossover of Star Wars and The Avengers in deleted scene from Parks and Recreation

Patton Oswalt, requisite spokesman of nerd culture, has once again unleashed his wrath of geekdom in the latest episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation and today we have an extended/deleted scene from the show where he pleads the case for a crossover film between STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and THE AVENGERS (with the X-MEN thrown in for good measure). In an effort to delay a vote, Oswalt takes the stand in a council meeting and unleashes his intricately woven pitch for how the movies whould proceed, including references to Boba Fett, Chewbacca's severed head, Thanos, the Quinjet, Tony Stark, The Fantastic Four, and more.

It's an impressive and lengthy exposition, especially since it's done in one, long take. It's obvious that Oswalt has given this a great deal of thought...

Oswalt's appearance on Parks and Recretaion will air on April 18, 2013. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will debut sometime in 2015, THE AVENGERS 2 will drop on May 1, 2015, and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST will hit on July 18, 2014. Much to the dismay of Oswalt, none of them will tie into the other. Probably.

Extra Tidbit: Would something like this actually happening be awesome or just a big, ugly mess? Yeah, I'm gonna go with ugly mess. But, it's fun to speculate.
Source: NBC



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