Cool Videos: Paul Rudd and "Nicolas Cage" talk Ant-Man and hot lunches

Andy Samberg returned to SNL for the first time as a host over the weekend. The comedian also brought back his excellent Nicolas Cage impression for another edition of the Weekend Update segment "Get in the Cage," and this time he talked shop with ANT-MAN's Paul Rudd.

"Nicolas Cage" likes the sound of ANT-MAN, but can't believe he won't star in it since Marvel film has all the things Cage looks for when he's searching for a new project: hot lunches served daily and soup between meals. Cage also talks about how he was born to play a superhero, and apparently still doesn't realize that's not Seth Meyers sitting behind the Weekend Update desk. Yeah, it's a silly video, but it's also pretty damn funny.

"I saw you naked in your backyard and I had to take a three day shower."

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Source: SNL



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