Cool Videos: Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a creepy pervy jerk

Okay, so I know I've been posting several compilation videos lately. I probably need to receive help at a rehab for people who are addicted to compilation videos. However, today I received an email from Adam Rettek who said this, "You guys had a lot of mash up videos and a lot of Nicholas Cage videos. I thought you guys might want to change it up with a PSH pervy mash up." He's right. I would love to post up a video mash-up of pervy, creepy Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Although, I don't find his performance in ALMOST FAMOUS pervy or creepy.

To me, his roles tend to be a bit weird/strange/eccentric but that's what I love about him. I also enjoy when he rages out iike in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. Overall, PSH is pretty amazing.

PS I promise to take a break from the compilation videos for awhile after this. Unless a really, really awesome one comes along.

Source: YouTube



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