Cool Videos: "Pre-make" of Pixar's Up, starring Spencer Tracy

By now you might be familiar with the concept of the "pre-make" -- teaser trailers for retro versions of modern movies. Particularly of note is the editing work of Ivan Guerrero, who has assembled footage from older films (with a few additions of his own) to create pre-makes of GHOSTBUSTERS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and the upcoming AVENGERS, among others.

His latest is Pixar's wonderful whimsical animated film UP. As the premaker himself puts it: "What if... Walt Disney produced UP in the 1960s? Ah, the swinging 60s. It was a time when films were dominated by flying automobiles and flying nannies. It was also a time when live-action Disney films flourished and spawned such hits as "The Love Bug", "The Absent-Minded Professor", and "The Monkey's Uncle". In an alternate reality, this era also saw the production of the high-flying adventure-comedy, "Up!". Starring Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas, "Up!" followed the oddball escapades of the elderly widower, Carl Fredricksen, and his earnest band of misfits as they traveled through the wilds of South America. Produced two decades after "Saludos Amigos" and "The Three Caballeros", the film continued the Disney tradition of telling stories set against Latin American backdrops."

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